Instead of soap...

topic posted Sun, March 12, 2006 - 10:18 AM by  Sandra
...I have just tried something reeeeeallly good!
In a jar, mix a big spoon of honey with juice of one lemon, some cider vinegar and fill it up full with some good oil or a mix of oils, whichever you like, I used olive, rapeseed and sesame oil as a base. Mix it well then add lots of essential oils (I like lemongrass and mandarin or lime and peppermint for a refreshing shower in the morning!) and if you like some aloe or neem extract. You can use it in the shower or just on your face, rub it in with a luffa or a cloth and rinse it. It lasts for a long time and it's sooo great! It works for shaving your legs too... ;-)
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  • how much oil are you using? a tablespoon? a pint?
    • When I made it I used an emty honey jar, put in - guessing - about one tablespoon of honey, juice of one small lemon, about 3 tablespoons of cider vinegar, one spoon of neem extract and filled it up almost to the top with oil so, when you shake it, it all blends well and has a nice smooth conststency. Lightly oily but not greasy. I really love it! ;-)
  • Ok Sandra, I just tried this a couple days ago (I wanted to give my body a few days to see how/if it reacted adversely to anything), and W O W!!! Holy mackeral, my skin hasn't been this soft in years. Ever since I started having bad problems with my liver I've had cronic rough/bumpy skin, and I used to pride myself on my soft skin. :-( Looks like I just found something that gives me my soft skin again and I am loving it! Thanks for posting the recipe.

    Oh, and instead of adding e.o.'s I added about a tablespoon of Thayer's Rose Petal Witch Hazel, and the complete blend left very little fragrence (if any) at all, which I really like. :-)
  • Would something like this have to be kept in the fridge?
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      I have had mine in one of those travel size shampoo bottles that you find at the sav-on or longs drugs store & its been sitting in that bottle in my shower for about a week now. It's still good & no sign of it going bad. I shaved with it today as well & yeah it works great for shaving.
    • I was concerned about that too because of the fresh lemon juice, which on its own will go bad in the fridge after about 2 weeks, so instead of fresh squeezed I just used the bottled stuff. I haven't had to refridgerate it and it seems just fine. Other people may be ok with using the fresh and letting it sit out, but for me with my health problems I can't risk it.
  • I tried this but I think I used too much oil. I found it really hard to rinse off. About how many spoons of oil should I be using?
    • Anaan, what kind of oil did you use? Bacause I'm chap and poor, the first time I did this I used canola oil. It worked, but it was definitely oily. With olive oil, it is less so. Still, though, I have to be careful not to towel my hair after my body when I get out of the shower, and wipe off the excess oil, or wait for it to soak in, before dressing.
      • I used olive oil. I might try grapeseed oil, as someone suggested above. Still, I'd be interested to know the oil/mixture ratio that everyone's using.

        Can this really be used as a daily alternative to soap? Sorry for the stupid questions. I'm new to HBR and although I'm really excited about trying out some of these recipes, I'm also trying to resolve 30 years of brainwashing by skin care companies :-)
        • Anaan,
          Don't worry, it's supposed to leave a bit of oil on your skin. The reason for that is it replaces any moisturizer you'd use on your body after a shower. You know how some companies are starting to make "in shower moisturizers"? They do the same thing, except mostly with chemicals and petroleum products. This is cheaper and better for you. For me I use about 3 parts oil to 2 parts astringent (meaning the ACV + lemon juice combined). All ingredients combined the ratio (if you look at the combo as having 6 parts), is something like a little less than 1/2 oil (or 3/6), a little more than 1/3 vinegar + lemon juice (or 2/6), and a little less than 1/6 honey, plus e.o.'s to desired scent. You can also use glycerin to replace the honey, and use only vinegar instead of vinegar + lemon juice if you want to simplify it. And yes, it really can be used as a daily replacement for soap, shaving cream, and moisturizer.

          p.s. Try it with the scrubby--you will thank me. :-)
        • Be careful if using grapeseed oil. It can intensify the sun on your skin. Making it much easier to burn. A nice similar weight oil is Seasame Oil, try to get it from a natural foods store's bath & body department, something marketed for cooking might have a smell to it if that is an issue for you.
  • do you think this recipe is okay for dry and sensitive skin?(my skin is covered with many little bumps and it feels tight after washing.A month ago, I tried the 'Miracle Whip Exfoliator Trick' on my face. After washing, I noticed that my skin turn red and it feels hot! I'm gueesing that my skin type is sensitive but my skinn can stay hot wether and cold weather without turning red. I'm not sure with my skin type. If u know, give me the answer......thanx!And my 1st quest too)
    • hi amira-

      i have ultra sensitive wacky skin. i use a version of this on my face, and it has never been better. for me there was a bit of trial and error involved cuz when i made this up the first time i found that my face didn't like too much lemon. the second batch i omitted the lemon, added some of my own essential oils, and my face is soooooo happy. i follow it up with a spritz of jasmine water and i'm good to go.

      make up a small batch and see how it works for you and then make any needed adjustments. for a few pennies your skin will love you.

      hope this helps-----
    • Ok, Amira, I tried to find a previous thread, but couldn't. What is the Miracle Whip Exfoliator Trick? I'm so curious!
      • Women all over US use this trick to exfoliate their skin.
        Do you know Miracle Whip? 'Miracle whip' is a brand of all-purpose dressing(food). It is a great exfoliator but it's not suitable for sensitive skin.
        • a few more details, please
          • Yes, I am talking about the same Miracle Whip your Aunt Mable uses in her macaroni salad. Apparently, women all over the US are using this salad dressing ingredient on their faces to remove dead flaky skin.
            KRAFT MIRACLE WHIP Exfoliating Facial makes an amazing treatment for normalizing over-oily skin.

            Here is how you apply this "miracle cream":

            Make sure all your hair is pulled back from your face. Apply a thin layer of the KMW all over your face, up to the eyelashes and make sure to also put some on your neck. The "fumes" from the vinegar may bother you so walk around the house to try to escape them. LOL!

            Leave on for 10 minutes, then massage gently. The dead skin cells on your face will roll off in rubbery little balls. Rinse your skin with tepid water, then cleanse as usual following your regular beauty regime. If you apply the KMW every day, in 6-8 weeks your skin should be completely renewed.

            I cannot help but wonder if this Miracle Whip eats away at the dead skin cells on your face, what does it do to the inside of the body when someone eats it?? Pretty scary!!! One person believes that the vinegar in the Miracle Whip is what causes the exfoliation and rejuvenation. If that is true, why not try a mixture of organic apple cider vinegar with some olive oil, apply that and see what happens? One could whip together the olive oil and apple cider vinegar, apply it to their face and then use the leftovers on their salad!
            • Well, I'm glad it's good for something. I can't stand to eat it! Have you ever noticed there are mayonnaise people and then there are Miracle Whip people? Usually, what every they grew up eating is the one they prefer. I think Miracle Whip is a vile attempt to imitate food.... but then I grew up on homemade mayonnaise - or Best Food's in a pinch. I'm going to try this, though....
              • And one more thing - I remember my mom making an all-purpose hair conditioner/facial mask that was basically a homemade mayonnaise without any seasoning - olive oil, egg and a touch of vinegar. Slather it through your hair and all over your face...let it sit for a while and rinse.....wonderful.
                • yes! I just did this recently, its sooo so great, my hair loves it!
                  About the vinegar-oil-lemon mix, ever since i posted it I've been using it regularly in the shower and on my face (although for my face I still love ground almonds most...) and my skin is so much better than it was! And I think it's great you can (and should!) experiment a little bit cause everyone is different, you might prefer more or less oil, more vinegar, rose oil or peppermint oil, etc... You can add neem extract, Aloe, wild yam extract, whatever you need. Sometimes when I run out and I am too lazy to mix in the morning, I use just oil (coconut or any other with or without essential oils - usually I add strong lemongrass or peppermint, I love that to wake me up!) I massage it into my skin before I have a shower and brush it off in the shower with a brush or loofa (haven't tried the scrubby yet but it sounds good!). I only use soap rarely now.
    • Hi, it sounds like you could have sensitive skin. Sensitive skin just stimulates easily and can be more prone to alergies. I would try the recipe using witch hazel or floral water instead of the vinegar and leave out the lemon juice. I wouldn't worry too much though, with all the oil in the recipe the acidity of the vinegar and lemon will be pretty well buffered. I've not tried the recipe yet and I can't wait too. I'm an esthetician so I could't resist giving a reply. Good luck
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      miracle whip has chemicals in it and thats probably you had red bloches. It's not healthy to eat it so it's not good to put on your skin! sorry but that's the truth!
    • I think it should be fine, just maybe don\t put too much lemon in it if you are very sensitive. My friend used it with very sensitive skin and thought it was great!
  • a few quest......
    Is this a cleanser?
    Can I use peppermint extract instead of aloe or neem extract?
    • right now since i have aging skin i use patchouli, rosewood, and ylang ylang for my essential oils, who knows what EO's ill use the next time? (experimentation is part of the fun)
      • I agree, that's one of the beauties of home made stuff, you can be creative and use whatever yur in the mood for or your skin demands at a time. peppermint sounds great, my skin loves it, it's very cleansing and clearing and tightening...
        • can I substitute cider vinegar to regular vinegar?
          • I tried it with rice vinegar and it was nice too. ACV has - of all I know - the best quality for skin and hair care but I just tried balsamic vinegar on my hair yesterday and it worked really well, so why not experiment a bit?
            • i'm going 2 make it with white vinegar
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                I plan to try the Miracle Whip mask.
                Funny story . . . . .
                My husband took me to an event at his company. While I was away from him, some lady asked him what I used on on my face. He told her " I think she just uses whatever she finds in the refrigerator." What is he going to think now?!
                • Hey, my husband says the same thing! He's always asking me, "What is this stuff in the shower?" I'll try just about anything from the fridge or the garden.

                  Can't wait to try the honey-oil-vinegar wash! I've been using one with seaweed, fresh aloe juice, honey and oils. The vinegar and lemon could be a great twist.
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                  instead of using miracle whip why dont you just make an egg mask with a real egg? less chemicals. there is web sites only based on homemade beauty recipies.
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    my friend uses miracle whip as an exfoliater and her skin becomes better and better!
              • thank god i didn't make this yet cuz i was too busy with my work. my advice is DO NOT USE WHITE VINEGAR AS IT CAN ROB YOUR SKIN OF ESSENTIAL MINERALS. so just use apple cider vinegar. it should be used for anything personal, both inside and outside the body.
              • amira i use white vinegar on my hair and skin all the time. My husband uses it to "wash" his hair and that's all he ever uses, he's got the most beautiful head of hair. White vinegar is wonderful after the pool, it nuetralizes the chlorine from the pool water.
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        Out of curiosity... what do the patchouli, rosewood and ylang ylang have that's good for aging skin?

        Coming from someone with aging skin :-)
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    I've been using this formula for a few weeks now and my skin looks and feels great. I use cold-pressed sesame oil for the base oil and don't add any fragrance since I work in a perfume-free office.
    • LOL!!!
      she just uses what ever she finds in the fridge!!!

      thank you, i needed a good laugh today!
      • I took the advice someone posted about vinegar - a link led to all sorts of uses.
        I had unbearble athlete's foot. Soaked my feet in a plastic tub with a couple of inches of water and about 1/2-3/4 cup of white vinegar. 20 minutes, about 2 or 3 nights in a row.
        I'm all better now.
        THANK YOU!!!!
        • I've been using this soap recipe for about a week now, and I just wanted to let you know the fabulous results. I found it was too greasy if I didn't scrub really well, but now that I've started doing that, my skin is softer, and the bumps on my upper arms have gone away! I've had those bumps since I was a little kid, and I think it may have been because soap irritates my arms. Oh, and I tried keeping my soap in the refrigerator but that didn't work out so well because the oil hardened. It seems to keep well just sitting at room temperature. I think the vinegar might help preserve the lemon.

          Anyway, thanks so much! I really love this recipe. I used the proportions ocelot recommended.
          • I've had bumps on my upper arms forever too! Really, this worked? I have never known what causes this rash. Have you ever learned anything about it? My upper arms are smoother if I rub coconut oil or shea butter on them, but the tiny bumps are still there.... I have always wondered. Could it be an allergy to a food?
        • Awesome. Sooz, would you go ahead and post this remedy as its own topic? Sometimes it can be hard to find such good, simple info about embarassing maladies, and I'm sure many folks would be grateful.
  • I have a problem with adult acne. Lately I've been using a homemade bar of oatmeal honey (made with lard) which has shrunk the pores on my face considerably. I'm still in the stage of getting thru the initial phase of "cleaning everything out" but the results are already impressive. I've been brainwashed to think that I MUST have an antibacterial to combat the acne. Does the honey provide this? And would it be good for someone I know who has a MRSA (staph infection)? They are required by the Dr. to use a specific antibacterial soap to combat the infection.
    • Honey is indeed an antiseptic, though I have no idea if it would be strong enough to fight a staph infection.
      The homemade oatmeal bar sounds intriguing (lard and all), could you post the recipe?
      • Nicole, my stepson's mother gave it to me. She made it out of lard that had gone out of date which she acquired very cheap. I don't have the recipe but she promised to show me how to make it so I'll share when she does. I haven't made soap yet but she's been making it for a while and I can't wait for her to show me. (I'm a kinetic learner so it's better for me to learn something by doing it). Her soapmaking bible is The Soapmaker's Companion by Susan Miller Cavitch.
  • Ok now everyone in my house is using this to shave with. My men (hubby and son) think this is the greatest stuff since sliced bread for shaving. I used sandalwood oil for scent so they could smell manly (I like it too) and we all feel so soft and smooth. I LOVE LOVE LOVE using this in the shower, but I use it as more of a pre-soap because I feel a bit too slippery if I don't soap up after it. I still have some residual that leaves me feeling very soft and smooth and no oil all over my towel. I don't have to use ANY lotion post-shower. Sandra, you are a genius!
  • I had another go at making this using The Ocelots fomula and grapeseed oil. It's working geat! :-)
    I was wondering, how much essential oil are you all using? I used Bergamot oil but I needed a LOT to cut through the vinegar smell.
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    I can't wait to try this! I have a bunch of BPAL oils that I am trying to find something creative to do with, and this sounds positively luxurious:-) Do you think adding epsom salt to make it a scrub would work, or screw it up?
  • Just made up a really simple batch of this while insomniac last night, then used it n the shower/shaved legs with it this morning. Divine!! I worked on it a little today and don't quite have it right yet... so far it's the basic extra-light olive oil / honey / lemon juice / rice vinegar / orange flower water / rosewater mixture. Yay!! Thanks for the idea and the recipe. :)
  • does anyone have any LONG TERM results of washing with this? Say, more than 2 weeks of regular use? I want to try it but I was hoping to see some results of more than just the first few uses!! Thanks!
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      I've been using it for a couple of months with a scrubbie and it's still great. Of course, the formula keeps evolving. The last mix had peppermint and tea tree oils in it and attracted the attention of the menfolk, who are *secretly* using it also.
    • It's not exactly the same, but: I used to use the Origins <A HREF="Incredible" title=""> Spreadable Scrub</A> which is somewhat similar: sugars for buffing and olive oil and essential oils for the softness and the yummy smell. I used it more than once a week for over a year and had gorgeous glowing skin. I still use it sometimes, but I have to change my scent up every so often or I get bored. :} So it's not exactly for this formula, but I had great results with a similar mixture and my next experiment will be to add some sugar or sea salt to this to make it scrubby...
      • er, please excuse the mixed up html. I haven't quite figured out how to use this thing yet. (blush)
        • i've been using this formula since it was first posted (except for a couple of days). i dont put lemon juice in mine, and each batch is a little different depending on the essential oils i use.

          my face is easily irritated, and can get red splotchy areas with pimples :( . since i have been using this formula my skin is calm and my pores are smaller. the redness and irritation have gone away. rarely i get a pimple, and if i do, it goes away within a day.

          'nuff said--
          • yum!
            today i massaged honey onto my face, then made a salt scrub for everywhere else:
            2T fine sea salt
            2T apple cider vinegar
            2T flax oil
            2T olive oil

            e.o's help with smelling less like a salad. i bet adding seaweed would really rock too...
    • Treja--
      I've also been using it since shortly after it was posted, although in my blend I leave out the lemon juice and substitute glycerin for the honey. I don't use it on my face (just water for that), but the body results have been fab-u-lous! With this combo there is no need for moisturizers or lotions at all and the texture of my skin has improved by 3 (which for me is a lot). I also use it with the scrubbie, and now I thank myself for trying it in the first place every time I shower. :-)
      • I've been battling with rosacea for years now and after the prescription cream stopped working, I stopped using it and when I'm not feeling lazy, I have been using extra virgin olive oil to wash my face (apply to dry skin, including around eyes for waterproof mascara removal and then wiping off with a paper towel soaked in hot water) followed by a quick mask of plain old honey.

        The result has been less redness and less breakouts.

        But, I get lazy and if I don't do the routine everynight, I run into trouble.

        So, reading this combo of oil and honey sounds like it could be the "quick" version of my routine.

        I'll keep you posted on the results.

        Thanks for the great idea, Sandra!

        - M

        PS: As The Ocelot says, scrubbies rock for removing rough patches on skin - I can thank this tribe for that idea!
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          I've got a question about the honey... I had read (on another tribe, I think or another thread on this one, I can't remember), that the honey can cause problems eventually because it has bacteria?! Not sure... but it seems like from what I can tell of everyone on this thread that there's been no such problems. So... has anybody had a problem with that. And also... what kinds of honey are you all using?

          I really want to try this out because I'm sick of putting chemicals on my face...
          • Strangely enough, honey is the only known food product that NEVER goes bad. Literally.
            • Riyana is right. They have found jars of honey in Egyptian tombs that are still 100% edible after over a thousand years!!! Honey is amazing. Not only is it antiseptic, it's also a humectant so it helps your skin retain moisture. I can't wait to mix up a batch of this stuff! I have been lazy this summer, and my skin is paying the price.
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    I've been reading the threads for a while now. i made a batch of this and tried it out this morning. i only had canola oil. it did feel rather oily, but after I got out of the shower and air dried, my skin does feel so much softer.

    is canola oil ok? or should i mix it up. i added a bit more acv.

  • Wow, after reading all of the testimonials on here, this sounds awesome! I'm going to have to give it a try and post about my results later.
    • Once again, my EOs should be in within a few days. I can't wait and am itching to try, but I gotta get my hands on glycerin.... Question... Was it liquid glycerin and if so, where would I find this?
      • I'm not sure but you can also use honey.... I've been curious too because glycerin might work better to make it more soap-like.
        • I'm a vegan, so honey is totally out of the question.
          • I wonder how agave nectar would work in this case?
            • So is it the sugary properties of honey that work for the "soap?" Because if that's what it is, I'd be just as happy to put raw sugar in there for a scrubby, but I think it's another property of the honey, which would be why glycerin has been said to work.
              • I think its more than the sugary properties... honey is a humectant (as is glycerine) plus it has antibacterial and antivirual properties. A couple of drops of wild oregano oil would give you those same properties, but then you might smell like a pizza!

                Agave nectar has the same stickiness as honey. I don't know what the healthful properties of using it are (other than its lower glycemic index).
  • So, this'll sound like a really stupid question, but how does one apply this stuff? I made some and glopped on a bunch in the shower (smells weird, but I had no eo's), but I'm not sure I went about it quite right.
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      i have another question...

      as far as adding seaweed, do you use kelp granules? or what?

      • i would do something big and bulky that you can use as a scrubby and that won't clog your drain, like a bigger piece of bladderwrack or kombu. you'll want to reconstitute it for a while in h2o and then add it to the mix, or just use it to scrub the mixture on with. added detoxification and purification and general smoothening of skin and mermaidification. i often just reconstitute a bowl-full and add it to the tub with some salt.
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          i made this mixture and added it to a jar of salt scrub that had about 1/8 of it left. the leftover salt was just enough abrasion to exfoliate and make my skin soft as a baby's bottom. :)
    • Apply it to ur face and scrub with a kitchen scrubbie. Wash off.
      You can also use loofah facial pad to replace the kitchen scrubbie.
      • kitchen scrubbie like a sponge with a scrubbie side? or like a vegetable scrubbie with the bristles???
        • Like a sponge with a scrubbie side.
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            I am just adding a comment here to bump it up on the list so katrina can find it.
            • Thanks, Bitch! :)

              My failing memory wasn't that far off with this one, even...
              • thanks bitch!
                • Great recipe! thank you!
                  sounds similar to my grandma's recipe for face washing (see the acne thread) but spiced up:)
                  For those worried about lemon juice and too much acidity: healthy skin is more acidic, (healthy body--more alcaline) so the juice and vinegar actually help maintain proper PH--if it stings a bit that means your PH is off, keep using it and it will balance the skin. Sensitive skin is usually skin with compromised PH. FRom my experience with sensitive skin clients, when they use the lemon juice as a toner (wash off at first if it stings too much, but every time you do it it will be less stingy) soon enough they do not have skin sensitivity.
                  I too am an esthetician, and from my years of experience, my grandma always knew better than any schools or cosmetic companies. When you know how the skin works it is easy to see that simple common sense approaches work best!
                  Like the body wash you guys are using--i am making a batch right now:) thanks again!
  • h
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    this is heavenly! am guessing honey works to get rid of bacteria and odor?

    i made this with 1tbsp honey, 3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar w/ a bit of lemon juice, and vanilla, vetiver, and bergamot essential oils in a jar, shook well and used it by dipping a wash cloth in and scrubbin' ... looks like it will last 2 or 3 washings. will enjoy experimenting with different scents - it really stays on your skin, smelling great!
    • Wow, I just popped in here for the first time in ages and see that this thread is still going! Great! That means it must work for a lot of people! Will get the oil & honey out first thing tomorrow and keep going! ;-)) Thanks!
      • I am curious, how many people are still using this? Looks like the original thread is about 2-3 years old. For those of you that have been using it that long, what have been the long term effects been?

  • I am new to this tribe, and so so interested to try this. I have acne rosacea (the diagnosis varies, tho from that to acne vulgaris) and have the little red under the skin bumps and bright red splotches on my cheeks. And the face on my skin stays tight and itchy AND peels periodically.
    I have used the ultra expensive stuff from the department store and it worked for a while....and then the under skin stuff got worse....and then the doc said (when I had a flare up) to use cetaphil (and prescribed metrogel which I came to detest). I think Cetaphil has to be the most vile feeling and smelling stuff that I have put on my face. And turned me redder and itchier in the process. (sigh) I use unscented everything. No spicy foods. No red wines. No sun (bit, goddess I miss it) Last week is when the "acne vulgaris" diagnosis came (from yet another doctor) which I think is completely wrong, since I stay SO dry. And itchy. Right now, even the skin under my eyes feels like it's trying to pull off. NOW I'm hetting the fine wrinkles that even a few weeks ago I didn't have. Frickin' overnight, it seems, thanks to all of this monkeying around with my facial skin.
    I joined this tribe today and saw this thread.....
    So far the recipe I'm gathering from all the posts is:
    in a small honey jar (can I re-use the squeezy bear I get from the store?)
    1T honey (always a staple in my house)
    3 T light oil (extra virgin o.o. is in my cabinet currently)
    2 T apple cider vinegar (this stuff is so awesome and always in my house)
    small amount of lemon juice (or maybe leave it out all together because of the sensitivity)
    and some sort of essential oil.
    I have never worked with essential oils there was a mention of using aloe. Would it be aloe gel...juice...? Has anyone tried the aloe in it?
    Thanks so much!
    • Ash... Have you had your vit. D levels checked?


      I have an article I posted in my blog, because I was diagnosed with low vit. d and went looking for some answers. And skin issues are one of them!

      Cetaphil in my opinion is only good to kill headlice. (its amazing really)
  • i'm so happy you're all talking about vinegar.....


    i usually use white vinegar to clean my hair, and life is good. but now i'm in the u.k. and haven't been able to find it, so tried malt vinegar....not good. hair became a big knot. so i tried a few days later (i rinse with water every day anyway, whether i use vinegar or not), this time with cider vinegar. nope. worse knot. sooo, then i tried returing to what i used to use, which is just chamomile tea rinsed in, and now my hair is simply laughing at my feeble attempts.

    any suggestions for restoring balance here?

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