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I wanted to ask, what does rose water do to the skin!?

I bought some for a receipie, and I started cleaning my face with it morning and evening, instead of a lotion, because I like the smell...
I have oily skin and I dont use make up at all...

is it ok to clean my face with it!?
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    Rose water is astringent, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, and can be used as a facial cleanser or as a toner.

    I often use a mixture of rose water & glycerin mid-day to freshen up.
    • i like to use plain rosewater (no glycerine) as a light mist anytime. my wacky sensitive skin likes it
      • Ooooo ... I have wacky sensitive skin, too, and I've been looking for a decent toner, thanks! My face is a bit too dry for witch hazel, even the good non-drugstore kind.
    • Hi, I am using only rose water for cleaning my face. what is the use of adding glycerin to it. In which ratio we should add glycerin to rose water and how to apply it to the face. please send me the detailed procedure to use the mixture
      • Glycerin is a humectant, in other words it attracts water particles and therefore keeps your skin hydrated.

        I found this recipe which also adds witch hazel, but many toners are interchangeable so you could just omit the w.h. and replace with an equal amount of rosewater. It uses about a tsp glycerine. Never apply pure glycerine directly to your skin as it will just absorb the water closest to it, that being on your skin, which will dry it out.

        Make sure you use sterilised/disinfected containers :)

        If you don't use water washing and only a toner to clean your face then thats fine, especially if your skin is sensitive. Just our some on a cotton pad and gently wipe your face. I'd do this a couple of times til you don't see any residue on the pad.

        It can also be used just after washing with a cleanser and water, and then be followed by your moisturiser.
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    If you don't mind me asking, what is the recipe for the rose water?
    • no formula just plain rosewater. u can find it in the healthfood store or drugstore. the brand i use comes in a pink spray bottle. sorry cant remember the brandname.

      rosewater is the left over product when the true essential oil is extracted from the rosepetals.
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        Thanks, I just would like to be able to make it.
        • It seems to me I saw a recipe for rosewater posted somewhere recently. I think it would either have been here or at healthy food for lazy people. I'll try to find it.
        • I found this with a google search. I haven't ever made it, though.:

          True rosewater is a distillate of fresh rose petals, but you can make your own economical substitute with dried roses. Make sure that these are organically grown from the health food store, herb shop, or your own rose bush, not from the florist or supermarket. You don’t want any chemicals or pesticides on your skin. Add 1 teaspoon of rose petals to 1 cup of boiling water and steep for at least fifteen minutes. Strain and store in a jar with a tight fitting lid in the refrigerator. This will keep for about one week. Rosewater is great as a toner as it softens skin. Apply to skin with a cotton ball as a toner or pour into a spray bottle to mist skin throughout the day.
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            Thank you.....very much.
            • i am addicted to rosewater in many apsects of my daily life, and i have found a more reasonably priced options at the Indian markets (they use it for cooking, comes in large glass bottles and is much cheaper than healthfood store rosewater). Carlo brand is yummy. they also have orange blossom water.
              • rose is hydrating and soothing to the skin as well, that's why your sensitive skin likes it so much. ;)
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                  You guys can buy rose water at any middle eastern market. They local middle eastern grocery store by my house has it and its much cheaper. It is only like $1.50 for a big bottle it also makes a nice air freshener for your home.
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                    How bout that rose water that is sold in a blue bottle in the mixers section of the grocery store?

                    Same kind ?
                    • I heard that alot of those cheaper kinds only have rose "scent"
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                        I saw another recipe that I'm going to try this summer when my roses are blooming in the yard:

                        Fill mason jar 3/4 full of rose petals, add a few tablespoons of vodka, top up the jar with fresh water and stir with wooden spoon. Put a lid on it and let sit for up to 2 weeks in a dark place. Strain and voila! Rose Water!
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    so anyway being this is a
    "homemade beauty remedies"
    (you people are killing me!)

    what i do:
    take a glass bowl or a coffee mug
    zap it in the microwave for 2-3 minutes (or you can boil the water on the stove)
    throw in one dry rose bloom ( i pull it apart)
    dunk and stir it all up so all the petals are wet
    cover bowl or coffee mug with a plate and let it steep (i forget how long but i know its at least 10 minutes)
    then pour the mug full of water into the sink add some hot water and rinse your face
    (after washing it off of course)
    it feels so relaxing and nice with the fresh scent and the red petals floating in the sink and those little seed looking like things.
    the stuff you get in a bottle....well the sink version would be mortified that people call it rosewater as it would not want to be associated with it.
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      Ok guys my family has been using it for generations to add flavour to middle eastern pastries, and as a toner, and as a natural air freshener. It is not "rose scent" because i just read the ingredients and it says Distilled Rose Water. I use the cortas brand made in Lebanon or you can use the Carlo brand which is another lebanese rose water that is also very good. Trust me its a very good & its is a reliable brand that has been popular in the middle east for many years.. If you guys want some middle eastern homemade remedies let me know, i know plenty. I like this tribe you guys are cool & give some really good tips
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        " you guys want some middle eastern homemade remedies let me know"

        totally post stuff!
        like anything and everything.
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          yeah violet you seem to know your stuff. I was reading your threads that you posted you gave me some great ideas, such as the razor tip to use the mach 3 tips, because my husband uses the mach 3 and i use the venus and he buys the mach 3 refills at Cost Co and i tried the mach 3 tip and it works way better than the venus tip.. thanks so much violet you really know alot of good useful tips. Yeah ill post some of my grandmas remedies. Post your middle eastern remedies. Violet what is this Neem stuff? Ive never heard of it before. I am curious to try it.
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            someone else gave me that tip. i cant take credit for that. hee hee
            something else though to make those shave closer and last longer:

            get a pair of tweezers and rip off that rubbery strip on the bottom. do not use your fingers. you will jack yourself up.

            thats the whole store i buy from

            the soap i like and it smells like oranges. i guess the oil is stinky? i dont have the $$$ to waste though to check that one out. so i just take others word for it. hee hee

            you can read about neem here:
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              awesome blossom thanks for the tip & info violet.
              • hey all- so, uh- yeah i had bought a rosewater by, i think, 'Nature's Gate' because it was cheaper than the others I had seen at my grocery store and a friend told me that it was some artificial scent- that's just what i heard- I'm not familiar with any Middle Eastern brands or markets near me but that's good to know:)

                I LOVE this recipe...When I moved a few years ago my skin got really dry and this is super calming, I highly recommend it for winter-

                1oz. dried calendula flowers
                1/2 cup oats
                8 oz. distilled water

                -let steep for for 10 min. in boiling water then press strain or press and let it cool. Put it in as spray bottle and refrigerate
              • I second violet: SAUDA, *please* post your homemade recipes! :-)
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                  Yes Sauda, Please Post!

                  My Grandmother from Mississippi used to put Rose Water in a spray bottle in the 'fridge for those Summer heat "pick-me-ups". Orange Water works too!
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                    Can I use dried roses that I've had for years as decoration? Or is there a stale aspect to them? Do they loose their essence after time?
                    • No, you dont want to use old roses that haven't been kept away from air and light. They do lose their essence rather quickly. Fresh is always best, as long as they haven't been sprayed with pesticide.

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