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I've been following the "weening off shampoo" thread, and have cut back myself but my hair is in serious trouble now. It feels like straw. Or it is totally fly away.

I have very fine, thin hair (ear length) but someone told me it was course texture. And they recommended conditioner to help plump the strands.

Right now I use an organic shampoo(no foaming agent I don't think) by Jaason, and do an apple cider vinegar rinse every so often. My hair is brittle now. and completely fly away. But sometimes it feels like it has massive amounts of gunk on it too and gets flat.

I wonder if I should condition, but it seems like that would weigh it down even more??? I just don't know where the natural bounce went.?.

Any solutions?
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    i have very fine ("fly-away" sometimes) hair
    (long and brown with salon highlights and tinting)
    the best conditioner in my experience is a jar of mayonnaise
    i lather it all over my head
    sit outside in the warm fresh air for about an hour
    then go back inside and shampoo and rinse
    it is then baby soft without the flyaway thing goin on

    i do this about every other month
  • I think your hair might be sensitive to protein.
    Mine is. Specially milk protein. Whenever I use products with protein in them my hair gets very brittle, just like straw.
    You could try doing a deep treatment once a week. You can just mix some conditioner with almond oil or jojoba oil (or anything you prefer). Leave it on your hair for a few hour or even overnight. Wash it off in the morning and see if your hair fells better. That works for me, but I have crazy curly hair. It might be a little too 'heavy' for your hair, but could still try it.

    The conditioner I've been crazy about lately is 'Desert Essence Daily Replenishing Tea Tree Conditioner'.
  • I've tried the "no-poo" system (wash with a solution of baking soda, and rinse with a solution of ACV), as well. Every time, my hair ends up feeling like straw, too. Not brittle, just thick and not flowy. I can't run my fingers through it to save my life -- whether to rinse it out while wet, or while dry. And, blow-drying just worsens it.

    I've had to just suck it up and realize that this system is not for my hair, for whatever reason. I've searched and found a shampoo I can live with that gets my hair clean, but I only wash about every 3 days or so. Years ago, I made this wonderful hair conditioner that involved infusing several herbs in ACV for a few weeks ("Vinegar of the Four Thieves"). It definitely made my hair able to go even longer between shampoos -- and, it made my hair smell divine! I think I'm going to have to do that again!
    • what is the recipe?
      • kt
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        Alex, what's the recipe for the AVC infusion????
        I can go about 3 days between shampoos, I guess I should look into a super clean one.
        Interesting about milk proteins, my whole body in super intolerant to milk...and gluten. I didn't know if it would affect hair. Isn't hair dead?
        • Sorry it took me so long to post it. I kept looking in the wrong books! I found this in Rosemary Gladstar's "Family Herbal."

          1. Fill a quart jar halfway with your herbal blend (see below). Completely cover the herbs with ACV and cap tightly (if you have dry hair, wine vinegar is milder). Place the jar in a warm spot for 3-4 weeks. Shake it daily to keep the mixture agitated.

          2. Strain the vinegar through double cheesecloth or a fine-mesh strainer. Add a few drops of your choice of essential oils, rebottle in a plastic bottle, and store in the bathtub or shower.

          3. Before you bathe, dilute the rinse with distilled water. Generally, for oily hair, dilute 1 part rinse with 4 parts water; for dry hair dilute 1 part rinse with 6 parts water. After shampooing and rinsing, pour the vinegar slowly through the hair, massaging it into the scalp. Rinse with warm water and then, if you can stand it, cold water.

          Herb blends:
          -- For golden highlights: 2 parts calendula flower, 1 part chamomile flower, 1 part comfrey leaf
          -- for dark "highlights": 2 parts garden sage leaf, 1 part walnut hull, chopped, 1 part comfrey leaf
          -- for dry hair: 1 part calendula flower, 1 part marsh mallow root, 1 part nettle leaf
          -- for oily hair: 1 part rosemary leaf, 1 part witch hazel bark (NOT extract), 1 part yarrow leaf and flower

          I couldn't find most of these herbs at my convenient locations, so I used rosemary, chamomile, and, I believe, calendula. For the essential oils, here are some ideas:

          For oily hair, use basil, lemon, patchouli, rosemary, tea tree, or ylang-ylang.
          For dry hair, use myrrh or peppermint.
          For normal hair, use chamomile, lavender, clary sage, or rose.
          • Thanks!
            • kt
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              Very excited about this, thanks.
              Does vinegar degrad plastice you think? i have my "toner" in a plastic cup and it is on my subconscious....
              • kt
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                oops, degrade, like wear down.
                • I re-use my kitchen dish soap (not dishwasher detergent) -- or, old shampoo or conditioner -- bottles for this rinse, and I haven't had any problems. I know that a lot of vinegars are sold in plastic bottles, so there shouldn't be a problem. If you prefer, though, you can always put it in a glass bottle.

                  (Years ago, we had a ceramic soap dispenser for the bath, and, during one shower, it slipped out of my hand and landed on my foot. I got a big gash on the top of my foot. So, I try to avoid stuff that can break and cut me while in the shower, now! ;-) )
  • I haven't tried the acv rinse yet, however I have been using kukui nut oil on my hair and it feels softer and smoother. If you use too much it will feel greasy.
  • I find that when I use jason(sp?) products, my hair is just not as pretty...I mostly use Aubrey organics, and splurge on occasion for Aveda or modern organic products...Sometimes I rub olive or coconut oil all into my scalp and down to my ends, then wash it out really well, condition(I always condition, rarely shampoo), and put a little leave in conditioner, and aloe vera...then it is nice and soft...I should mention I have very dry hair, it is fine, but there is a lot of it, and it is long and curly...hope this is at all helpful...
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      hey aura...a lot of
      people think my name is your name :)
      aloe vera> ? that's interesting...i'm going to try it -
      your hair sounds like mine...Aveda is the best, but
      I have also grown attached to Say Yes to Carrots is all natural and my hair is noticeably
      prettier and fuller when i started switching between them -

      can you just use aloe vera from anywhere or
      do you have something you recommend?
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        Hey all, I'm new here but I had these problems about 6 months ago, and I started using these shampoo bars and they help my hair become very strong and it also grew back hair I though was gone for good my favorite is herb garden but they have one for every hair type I even use the whipped shea butter and coco butter on my hair at night and wrap it and it worked perfectly, so just give it a look
        • Don't know if this helps but, I have waist length hair, and for years had problems with it becoming too oily on top and dry from midway down to the ends. Some wise soul told me to try this: Wash your hair no more than every second day, shampoo only the top down to nape of neck, condition only the bottom from nape of neck down. If the ends feel dry, put a couple of TINY drops of olive oil into your palms, rub together, then smooth onto ends of hair. This has worked very well for me.
          • That is GREAT advice Moon... I have VERY fine wavy hair. If my hair gets too dry or too oily it looks a MESS. But, since I've been using the Lush Trichomania twice a week and conditioning every day my hair is bouncy and full of life. I actually feel like my hair is fuller when it get conditioned this regularly. I do have issues with the oil buildup, but I put my hair up on the third day to take care of unsightly hair issues. My recommendation is to condition at LEAST every other day if not every day. Find a light conditioner that doesn't weigh your hair down. I use Tresseme. Cheap, prolly got a bunch of bad petrochemicals in it, but it works wonders. Ooh... and the other thing that works well for me (when I don't break down and use an SLS shampoo on it and ruin the wavy oily goodness of my hair) is letting it get grungy over the weekend and brushing all the oil down to my tips, then everything is nicely coated for the week when I wash it that whole 2 times.

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