Homemade Body Hair Bleach

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Bleaching Body Hair


Soap flakes
1/2 cup peroxide
2 teaspoons ammonia

Mix ingredients together until its a paste, spread on hair and let sit for 15 minutes then wash out. Repeat every few days until hair has no color. Do this on a monthly basis

I found this here

if anyone has tried it let me know.

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    Warning: Do Not Use On Eyebrows Or Eyelashes!

    ( i forgot to post that part)
    • Hey Sauda,
      Did they say whether it was salon strength hydrogen peroxide or grocery store strength? And how much soap flakes?
      • When I was in junior high, I took the notion to lighten my hair, and added drugstore-strength hydrogen peroxide to my shampoo. I told my mom I had done so, and she didn't mind as she did not believe it would make a huge difference. Then one day she saw me in the sun, and realized how blonde my hair was. So I'm thinking you may get some results from the drugstore stuff - depending on how dark your hair is. Mine is naturally a medium brown.
  • krs
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    where can i find ammonia?...will i get it at the pharmacy?

    and what exactly are soap flakes?
    • I used straight peroxide to bleach my hair in high school too. Worked just fine. Regular use will work on facial and body hair too. . . I once accidently bleached my girly bits, using peroxide after removing other bikini hair. Don't see why you'd need the other ingredients.

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