Yeast infection remedies anyone?

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I hate using those chemy, messy 1-7 day treatments.. anyone have any tricks up their... uh, you know... ;)
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  • Plain yogurt (unflavored, plain yogurt)... Some people might not like the idea of inserting yogurt...but... it's an easy way to balance the flora there.

    or if you don't like that...

    cloves of garlic. Peel a clove, do NOT nick the peeled clove (um...ow), and insert it as a suppository. It's been recommended to wrap one in cheesecloth so it's easier to get out, but I've never had a problem. I usually find that symptoms clear up overnight unless it's got to the point that it's just a raging, horrid infection. If that's the case, you just do a clove each night until it goes away.

    Both of these are SO much cheaper than the drugstore varieties. upwards of $20 for the box, or a few pennies for a clove of garlic...hmmm... tough choice, there.

    I've stopped using otc chemical remedies altogether, and I have a chronic history of yeast infection issues. I've been SO much happier since I switched. I'd get literally burned by the chemicals, and be even more unhappy and sore for far longer than I had the yeast infection.

    Also, cut down on sugar intake. WAAAAY down. It makes a difference. Drink gallons and gallons of water. Stay hydrated. Avoid sweets. Prevention is the best medicine.
    • Oh yeah, and if you do the yogurt thing, make sure the container says "live cultures" on it.

      It's the Lactobacillus acidophilus in yogurt that helps control the candida (yeast). Without that it's useless.
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        yes. I will second this recommendation to use plain, no-chemical yoghourt for yeast infections. Find all natural, nothing added but the acidophilus.
        Make a douche. And for general health, you can douche with yoghourt once a week. It is very effective.
      • My chiropractor recommended this once, so I tried it. It was a bit gross to insert yogurt up there, but it got rid of the infection in only one day. I just used it right before a long shower so I wouldn't have to worry about drips. Also, it helps to put the bowl of yogurt in a larger bowl of very warm water for a few minutes to warm it up.
    • OK, so this is an odd tangent and I hope no one will find the subject repugnant but I will share anyway because in my case I found a cure for me rather than just a treatment.... I have always used the over the counter stuff, but since I have gotten really fanatical about condoms and clean hands I have been fine. I started noticing that I would only start getting a yeast infection when I had been with someone. It happened enough times with different people and doing different things, that I started seeing a pattern, or at least I thought I had. I did some reading and found out that some women are more sensitive to foreign stuff inside of their vaginas than others, and that sex can get bacteria into a girl that then trigger a yeast infection. Some of the most common places for bacteria to hide out is under the foreskin, under the fingernails, and on toys that haven't been cleaned well enough... Being germ phobic about anything going near my vagina (I'm not that way in general), has eliminated any trace of yeast infections for me. I have even told a guy, I am sorry, you are fine as hell, but we need to do a manicure before you get near me… It may sound harsh, but I figure the right kind of guy/girl to be sleeping with would be happy to oblige to keep you from being uncomfortable. I haven't had even a sign of a yeast infection in over 10 years... but that is just for me, and from what I read, that can just be a contributing factor particularly if one is already prone to them... I have also read that chronic yeast infections can be a sign of Candida (so the cutting down on sugar would be good). I Hope I didn't offend anyone or their boyfriends or girlfriends :( Just trying to help because I know these things can be a big pain.
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        also I am super senstive to latex products so of course when we use a condom with not enought lube or sometimes even with enought, I always seem to get a irritating yearst uprising! My OB told me just to use condoms with low or no latex!
        So yes some people are more sensitive - the white blood cells come to fight the problem making for all sorts of icky conjestion problems in that special traffic area we love so much!
        I just try and stay clean, dry and comfy all the time!
        Good luck!
        • Very true... Good point,about the latex reactions... I forgot to mention that part :)
          • There is something called a "sitz bath" that is used for women who have just given birth and women suffering "down there". Fill your tub with 3 inches or so of warm but not hot water. add a few drops of rosewater or rose oil, a few tablespoons of vinegar, and (after reading these posts) some yogurt looks like a good idea too. Just sit comfortably in the bath, occasionally bending the knees around in different directions to let the body take in water and push it out in very very small doses. Sometimes a douche can flush out too much of the good stuff, or generally irritate the area if done too often, so a sitz bath is great if you want a daily treatment. Just make sure that the water is not too warm, and not so cool that it freezes you before your body can absorb the ingredients in the water.
    • I second the garlic suppository recommendation. I had horrible yeast infections during my freshman and sophomore years of college. Like awful, raging, couldn't sit down. The garlic got rid of it in a couple days [with relief from pain and itching in less than 24 hours], and was cheap - 69 cents for about 12 treatments.
    • If you thread the clove with a needle and thread it's easy to get out, but you have to be careful where you puncture it so it doesn't break apart. Also, make sure to double or triple with strong thread so it doesn't break either. It works perfect and I've never had either break!
  • Yes, Drink a gallon of cranberry juice daily, yes you will go to the bathroom often but it will work! After the third day you should drink half a gallon and then after the fifth day you should be fine.

    Also use cotton lined underwear to avoid the problem to begin with.

    If you still have the yellowish residue after five days you need to use some heavier chemicals or see your gynocologist it may be something els.
    • those pharmy goo pills are designed to make it come back by the way to keep them in business - just say no!

      a bottle of acidopholous got rid of them for me forever!
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        My doctor recently told me to eat yogurt daily, and drinking cranberry juice doesn't hurt (for prevention of both UTIs & yeast infections).
        • Oddly enough, I was just perscribed Difulucan, you take one pill and that's it...much better that those horrid creams that you had to use 15-20 years ago..

          I'm also cutting down on my bread/pasta/rice intake, and not drinking alcohol and easting sugary food for at least 10 days. I also purchased acidophillus milk and plain yougurt, to replace the good bacrteria..
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            i have never been plagued by the Y.I. i'm sure it's because my mom had ALWAYS made me eat yogurt (and i can't stand the taste)! my old roommate used to use the garlic suppository (she was prone to them) until i got her on the yogurt kick too. she had good success with the garlic trick though. i make my current roommate eat yogurt too ;)! ladies i swear by the yogurt once you've gotten rid of any existing conditions; stay balanced with yogurt.
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      Yes but!!! Most cranberry juices have so much added sugar...I prefer to use cranberry gelcaps (and eat them, not suppository them!).
      In fact, I gave them to my elderly dog who got yeast infections from his medications and it cleared up immediately!

      On the Boric Acid question, I think the original idea was BORAX which is an incredible natural fungicide. Wash everything in it 1/4 cup with whatever detergent you use and hot water and no horrid little spores of evil will survive!
  • I would take a look at the link below. It tells you all about yeast infections; what they are, symptoms, causes, remedies, cautions, etc.

    I would avoid putting anything in your vagina besides creams that are supposed to go there. I would especially avoid taking a bath with anything in the water as baths often times are the cause of yeast infections, especially if you put lots of oils and other stuff in the water.

    I would also consider a probiotic, which is 'good' bacteria that they mentioned in the yogurt, but a much more effective dose of it. I take one probiotic daily from Jarrow Formulas (the blister sealed pack that doesn't have to be refridgerated). It also helps with digestion. Since I am lactose intolerant, this has been a better option for me. Hope it helps for you.

    The idea behind 'good' bacteria is that they form their own little colony in your intestines and fight off invading bacteria such as what has formed from your yeast infection. It's also a good idea to take probiotics when you're on antibiotics and they strip your system of all bacteria and make you more susceptible to other bacterial infections.

    We used to get more of this bacteria from the dirt on vegetables before they made them prectically sterile before they reach you in the grocery store and we just don't get them naturally like we used to, unless you are fortunate enough to have your own garden.

    Hope this helps.

    • Very cool link melbee. Thank you :) Gale
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        What about things like active/un-pasteurized kim-chi, kefir, or other cultured foods? Would they have effects similar to eating yogurt?
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          topical yogurt (live cultures, plain)
          eating yogurt
          acidopholis pills (live cultures)

          i used to use tea tree oil but i think it is too harsh. also i don't like to smell tea tree oil instead of myself. on another strand someone reccomended cutting tea tree oil with olive oil, but olive oil can cause yeast infections. so. . .

          never thought of curbing my lovers for fear of yeast infections, i just try to take care of myself and keep clean.
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    I used to get a yeast infection every time I had sex (especially oral). I don't know if this has already been mentioned but you get the infection because the pH of your vagina is irregular and more bacteria grows more than normal. A number of things can mess with your pH levels "down there" but the important thing is to know how to prevent the issue.

    I always take a super hot bath after sex now or at least clean with a hot wash cloth. I'm not sure why but I think it kills the bacteria before it starts or something along those lines. While I sleep I avoid underware or give ample time for the area to dry completely.I haven't had another infection in a LONG time so this has really worked for me. I think leaving the area hot and moist also causes the bacteria to multiply. I always drink cranberry juice at least 4 or 5 glasses per week I also drink lots of water and avoid eating too much bread.

    I tried everything- from plain non-sweetened yogurt (eating it and appyling it) to Tea Tree oil. The Tea Tree oil MADE IT WORSE. Very much so! I don't recommend it but that's just me.

    The only thing that has been able to treat my infections has been the prescription pill dyflucan (sp?) and the 7-day cream treatments. I don't know about anyone else but is it hellishly itchy when you use the creams? I remember tossing and turning in agony each time I applied it. I think I may have been slightly allergic to it but after the treatment was up I was healed!

  • GSE works- grapefruit seed extract. The stuff is great for so many things I keep it in the house at all times.
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      I haven't heard anyone mention lavender oil. In a warm bath adding 10-15 drops of pure essential lavender oil with a carrier oil, such as vegetable, or olive oil, always reduces/stops itching. And I thought I might mention that olive oil doesn't cause yeast infections, or clog pores. You can even use it to take you makeup off, then pat dry with a towel. Someone mentioned that tea tree oil burns. I hope you didn't apply it directly. Always use it diluted in the tub, with a carrier oil. I find that lavender is faster to bring relief, and smells better. Also, when getting out of the bath, avoid harshly rubbing that area dry. Just pat it dry so the lavender can soak in, and, try not to pee for an hour or so.

      As a side note.. You can tell if an essential oil has been cut with something by placing a drop on a sheet of paper and waiting for it to evaporate. It shouldn't leave an oily mark.
    • I would be careful about how must GSE you use. It can be potentially harmful to you due to increased estrogenic activity that can mess with your endocrine system and your reproductive system.

      You can read about it at:

      Here is something to keep in mind:

      'Since the estrogenic activity of GSE has never been evaluated, consider its use in production of your products carefully, especially if you wish to be pregnant, wish to be a partner in a pregnancy, are pregnant or are nursing. Also take great pains to keep the concentrate away from children since regular high level exposure to endocrine disrupting substances can affect the development of their reproductive systems.'

      Just trying to let you know that there can be potential harmful side effects beyond the potential good side effects.

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        I had a yeastie infection a long time ago. Afriend suggested I put some acidophilus and some wheat grass juice in my yoni. I did, used a turkey baster and did a sholder stand for a while in the shower(to keep the stuiff inside), and it cleared right up. Never had another one, but have recommended this method to other women and it has always worked...
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          Nice.....that sounds wicked.....but soothing at the same time.

          The things we do in the name of comfort.
          • Foods to avoid to discourange Candida in cases of recurrent thrush:

            - Sugar, refined carbohydrates (white bread, white ride, pasta)
            - Yeasty, moldy, or fermented foods such as bread, yeast extract, stock cubes and gravy mixes, soy sauce, vinegar, cheese.
            - Alcohol
            - Peanuts and mushroom's.

            Eliminate all the above foods from your diet for at least two months.

            Foods that combat Yeast Infection:

            A diet based around fresh vegetables, brown rice, meat, fish, beans, and legumes, together with plenty of water and herb teas, will help starve candida out of the system. Natural live yogurt eaten every day can help to replenish healthy bateria in the the gut and restore a healthy balance of organisms.

            Supplements to take:

            Acidophilus- 1-10 billion live organisms a day
            Milk Thistle- 100-150 mg three times a day
            Caprylic Acid (extract of coconut)- antifungal 400-500mg 3x day

            Remedy for present yeast infection:
            A solution of tea tree oil and water.
            Soak a tampon in the solution and insert into the vagina.

            To help prevent infection and to hasten recovery, protect the natural acidity of the vagina. Do not douche or use soaps and deoderants in the genital area during this time. Washing the external area with plain water is actually adequate.
        • Okay, so i'm a little nervous about putting yogurt into my vagina, how long have you found that it takes the yogurt to come out? do you ever get confused on what's yogurt and what's the yeast infection?
          • I've only used the yogurt on the outside. Plain, stony field organic.. It made the itching stop and kind of healed up all the little "cuts?" but you need to either just hang out with it on for a while or have a really good liner. I found the air did some good.
            I actually use capsules (OO) and fill them with boric acid and a little bit of goldenseal. It's very close to the natural product called Y-Stat. You can get Y-Stat from a naturopath or herbalist. Not sure about health food stores. The make it your own way is cheaper.
            Love and Light,
            • wow, i don't know why it's so hard for me to deal with putting boric acid "down there." Maybe that's because we use it in East Texas to control fire ants and cockroaches...

              of course i realize that we use beer to control slugs and black pepper to keep animals out of the garden.

              is there a special grade of boric acid that should be used? like.. there is food grade hydrogen peroxide, etc.

              is it really safe?
              • My naturopath said to get it from a pharmacy. I'm not sure about the food grade thing. I have seen it with the Hyd. Peroxide. I just went to the pharmacy and asked for it and he gave me an approx. 8 oz bottle, sealed, from behind the counter. It's the main ingredient in the widely used Y-Stat capsules. I haven't had any problems with it. So, IMO it is safe. I know that there were warnings about certain things on the label... but nothing that freaked me out and I'm pretty careful. You just need to wear a panty liner... or get yellow stains from the goldenseal. :)

                OT - I even use boric acid goldenseal and myrhh in an eyewash / eyedrop that I make for pink eye and weepy eye. The place I got the recipe says that it is fine for children over 1 year old.

                Love and Light,
        • <<<< I did, used a turkey baster and did a sholder stand for a while in the shower(to keep the stuiff inside),>>>>

          One side note... *smiles*... any inversions counteract the flow of apanpran... the downward flowing energy that flushes the body clear. (It's why women don't do inversions on their menses) I see the logic behind wanting to keep the remedy "in", but when you have toxins/ bacteria/ yeast that you're trying to get *out*, increasing, not decreasing one's apan pran would seem to be more beneficial? I would think that it would be just as effective to douche a few days in a row with the solution (though it may take three doses versus one with a shoulderstand) and maintain the natural currents of the body...?

          just my two cents?
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    Here is what my friend does when she gets yeast infections. Knock on wood, I have never gotten one, but when she does she says this always clears it up in twenty-four hours.

    Take one of those empty capsule things that you can get in a health food store. Pour some plain (PLAIN!!!) yogurt into a plastic baggy. Snip a tiny hole in the corner, and squeeze the yogurt into the capsule. Then freeze it. Then stick it up your patootey.

    Yes, I know she's a freak, but she says that when it's burning down under, the cold feels great.

    Good luck!
    • Dip a tampon in a bowl of natural yoghurt, insert. Leave it about 2hrs. Repeat twice daily (I've only ever had to do two treatments). Simple, relatively mess-free, effective.
      • To get the yogurt up in there, last time I used a douche (a real one), which worked out quite well. Use a spoon to partially fill the bag. Make sure to let all the remaining air out before insertion. Insert slowly (be gentle), squeeze slowly, need not use a lot. The yogurt is pretty thick, so it's unlikely to get pushed up though your cervix. I often just allow the yogurt to sit on the outside for 10 min or so (very soothing). Best to do at night before bed for less mess.

        Another remedy I have tried, for a mild infection, was juniper berry tea. Get several handfuls of dried juniper berries from your health food store (if available). Boil gently in a liberal amount of water in a non-metal-surfaced pot until the water tints to your liking. Use this as a very gentle douche (ie, shallowly, just inside your vagina). Try once a day for a week.
        About douching, I think it's okay for yeast as long as it's done very slowly, gently, and shallowly...squirt a little in, let it run out don't need to insert the wand all the way up next to your cervix and jettison the stuff. Yikes! Squeezing the bag too hard and forcing a lot of fluid in at once could very well push it up into the uterus. I don't like to douche unless my yoni needs medicine for yeast or whatever.
        I think the tampon-with-yogurt thing wouldn't work for me- tampons suck too much moisture and irritate the vaginal lining. Big owch when you've got the itch.
        Anyways, there's my two sense/cents.
        Hope it works out for you.
        • try soaking in a warm bath of apple cider and vinegar until it works....
          • DRINK LOTS OF WATER!!! I know it sounds crazy, but it dilutes the discharge (sorry to use that word) - and flushes the yeasties out. My sister and I used to have chronic infections, but we started drinking 1/2 gallon a day and no symptoms ever since.
            • I began a thread a few months ago pertaining to this topic:


              (don't know if I did that right) It is under "Natural relief"

              Any way after following the suggestions of many I have found:

              *Garlic supositories to works very well, day after I feel much better
              *Warm water apple cidar vinigar bath works good, but for the first day or two of itchy symptoms
              *Lots of water and cranberry juice help
              *Taking Aciphodophilis pills help but will probably help more if taken 3 times a day
              *Cotton underwear
              *Try to stay away from tight crotch grabbing clothing. Throw out the tight pair of jeans, especially if you are going to be sitting for long periods of time.
              *Try to avoid thongs. Cotton is best if you're gonna wear one and should be worn for a short period of time.
              *Plain yogurt works. If you have used the Monistat treatments, hang on to the applicator. Use an eyedroper or straw and fill up the applicator w/yogurt. Insert like you would with the Monistat. Works w/your body the same way and I found my body to absorb it better than Monistat. Tried the tampon thing but found myself smelling a bit sour after using it. I inserted it over night so maybe that's why. *Use the yogurt over night.

              It helped but I found the garlic worked the best.

              So that is my advice. It is a constant battle for many, you just have to stay on top of it.

              I know this is winter, but my doc said when swimming remove wet bathing suit immediately! Yeasties love damp warm enviornments <yuck :~{>

              Even when working out, be sure to remove the sweaty panties ASAP and wash well. I feel silly saying that, like we don't know to already do that, just gotta throw it out there.

              Good luck!
  • Well, I've read all these posts, and for the most part, I think everyone had really good advice.. I especially liked the the link from Joy.. it tells the truth! I have been plagued by the yeast monster many many times, and this is what I've found. Like some one else said (cant recall who it was) dont ever wear thongs! Thongs tend to spread the bacteria from the anus, and we all know thats bad... always make sure you wipe front to back.. and as far as oral sex goes, there is so much bacteria in the mouth! So if thats on the agenda for tonight, have your partner swish some antiseptic mouthwash around, before, and after.. I know it can tend to kill the mood a little, but not much more than pausing to put on a condom, or whatever other precautions one needs to take these days.. Always be aware of possible contamination from the anus when having sex (make sure he/she doesnt touch THERE and then touch THERE) Better to be safe than miserable. I am extremely allergic to Diflucan, makes my mouth and eyes itch and swell, so be careful with that one. An applicator full of plain yogurt (at bedtime) is good, but I will always swear by Monistat.. not the one day treatment, the full week treatment. It has always brought me immediate relief. I also reccommend douching with vinagar and water after sex, spooge inside your kootch changes the whole PH and all that.. totally upsetting your natural balance... eat lots of plain yogurt, (available at all grocery stores.. you dont have to buy fancy health food stuff, eat a coupla big spoonfuls every morning), and drink lots and lots of water. I'd be REAL careful about iodine, or boric acid and all that other stuff.. no tight jeans for long periods of time, and always cotton underwear. Well, thats my two cents, lol.. good luck!
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    my friend is an herbalist. she recommended a clove of garlic. peel the skin off of the clove, only the skin. if you peel too much, it will be too acidic. put the clove up your ______ and sleep with it overnight. next day, take it out. you will be healed.
    good luck
  • fist off, baths are not good for females, especially if you already have problems. and bacteria in the tub can get in there and make things worse. i never take baths because of this. never douche, you need that good bacteria. what i use is liquid acidophilus that i got from gnc. i kind of stick it in the air and pour it right in. it works. also mentions of using oils, i like vit e oil to keep it nice. i put it on all the time, especially when its irriated. also daily i use shea breast cream down there. i know it shounds odd, but products in there is good for the vagina as well. dont increase breast size however, but i still put it on them. with age the vagina does become super sensitive and these type problems can become regular.
  • Back a while ago, I used to get them chronically, like almost every month. Turns out it was my birth control pill. That is a *normal* side effect, apparently, and my ob/gyn wouldn't change my prescription until I basically demanded it. Anyway, a new ob/gyn and a different birth control pill later, and I've only had one in about 5 years.

    Also- beware of Diflucan. It works like crazy, but can be very hard on your liver. According to the *new* ob/gyn, he tries not to prescribe it, and says women really should never take it more than 2-3 times total, lifetime. Eek!

    Thanks for all the great posts!
    • Back Yeast! Plague-eth women not!
      There are some great recommendations posted here, however cranberry juice is for UTIs (urinary tract infections and if you have one, drink a gallon of water everyday and take the cranberry pills from the herb store or health food store as they are concentrated and unsweetened).
      For yeast infections:
      #1) one clove of garlic unpeeled and nicked (if you are not too sensitive) and inserted into the vagina. Replace at least once every 24 hours until symptoms subside. Some women thread it with dental floss with a needle to make it easy to remove like a tampon.
      #2) tea tree dabbed on the labias and inside the vagina really helps the itching and burning. Plus, if you use it early on as soon as you get itchy, it usually prevents a full on yeast infection.
      #3) Boric acid used for sitz baths is totally safe to use as a vaginal suppository (boric acid is bad for bugs, not humans- but don't eat it!). There is a product by Vitanica made with boric acid, goldenseal powder and I believe other helps that you can buy prepared or you can make these capsules yourselves. (definitely wear a pantiliner or pad, especially if you use the goldenseal powder!) There is a website with a recipe for this out there somewhere. You should find it if you google it.
      #4) A yeast infection is usually a sign of a more chronic problem (candida) and it's true that you'll want to limit sweets and fruits and white flour while you are having a yeast infection.
      • *sad face*
        so I have a yeast infection. no big deal. the sad face is because i'm pretty sure it's from my FAVORITE lube ever, bliss lube. it has glycerine in it. that being sweet-ish, it makes sense that it'd stimulate yeast growth.
        the garlic is working wonders for me, but my LUBE! ahh! my lube! where will i find anything as wonderful as you, tasting as good, staying slippery as long, with ingredients as fantasticly pronouncable?! where! *le sigh*
  • Just to add to the thread, I tried the garlic clove trick and it didn't work. Actually it irritated it even more... This might have to do sharp edges at the top and bottom of the clove.

    Though, now that I think about it, the irritation persisted a day after I used the clove but then it went away. Maybe it did help afterall...
  • just take acidophilous. i get them whenever i take medication, and then the yeast infections give me utis! yikes! get acidophious like someone who has candida may take. if you take a couple of those a day, stay away from beer and refined/processed food, one or two days, over. i swear.
    • Ok, I've never had a yeast infection (thank the gods!!), but I have a girl friend who gets about 2 a year. She swears by yogurt, just spread some on then put on a panty liner if you must. Natural, chemical free, and it works well apparently.
  • The best cure for yeast infections, is eating plain yougurt, and yes, you can douche with it too. And start taking Acidophilus, you can purchase it at any health food store, I buy the one that is dairy free. Not only will you never suffer from yeast again, but it also rids your body of many toxins. its inexpensive, and I have used it for years, it keeps my lactose intolerance at bay. so I can enjoy ice cream when I want.
    Yeast builds up all over the body, on dentures, in your eyes and ears, in the throat. Know anyone that clears their throats constantly, yet they dont smoke? Then its probably yeast. it destroys the body. I havent time to read all your relplies, I hope someone else came up with this for you though. ciao for now.
  • What exactly is acidophilous? I was born extremely allergic to milk and all its by-products. I have since grown out of it for the most part, but I still can't tolerate things like a glass of milk, or a bowl of ice cream. I can however have a bit of yogurt, or a little cheese etc. Maybe this supplement could help?
  • I have used a homemade -and very fresh I might add, Colloidal Silver remedy that is all natural and I have bought it online at - I also use it for my 2 dogs and cat, it just works so well.
    That site usually has it in stock and it really is the freshest and best I've been able to find. I have tried everything for a yeast infection and this is by far the best and I do like that it is 100% natural. Try it, if you have not.
    Blessings Everyone
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    some random replies to posts here...

    re: sexual partners:
    having your partner wash up isn't a bad idea if you're prone to UTIs or yeast infections. it's a good idea for you to wash up before and after as well, particularly for UTIs. Refraining from intercourse during either will help prevent the problem from worsening or prolong it.

    re: glycerin lube causing problems:
    go silicone all the way. Eros makes a good one. seriously, there are some things you just can't make at home or use natural alternatives for, and silicone lube doesn't seem to irritate women like some other lubes can. it's also latex-safe.

    re: boric acid:
    my gyn had prescribed boric acid gel capsules for particularly resilient yeast infections. however, I have this mental block with putting anything inside my vaginal area that is also used to kill roaches. ;)

    re: yogurt douching and such:
    I'm not clear on how much yogurt you use, nor how to apply it if you don't have a tampon or over-the-counter plunger. say for example, you're camping or something.

    re: cranberry juice and UTIs:
    that works for most, however if your problem is that your body chemistry is too acidic then cranberry juice will only make it much worse. for some people drinking cranberry juice regularly will just throw off the balance and cause irritation problems that mimic a UTI. lots and lots of water to flush it out and washing before and after sex seem to be the only things to help other than prescription meds. I haven't read about any natural alternatives for a urinary anesthetic to those little burgundy pills that make you pee bright orange, which don't cure the infection but make the pain tolerable.
    • << re: glycerin lube causing problems:
      go silicone all the way. Eros makes a good one. seriously, there are some things you just can't make at home or use natural alternatives for, and silicone lube doesn't seem to irritate women like some other lubes can. it's also latex-safe. >>

      My only concern about silicone lubes is their lasting power. The very thing that makes them work well as a lubricant also leaves a coating on the vagina that the body cannot easily cleanse away. Given that the vagina is naturally intended to be self-cleaning, I'm not sure I feel real comfortable with inhibiting that process.

      Plus, silicone lubes do not get along well with silicone toys. :(
      • I know this thread is very old, but I read every single post and no one mentioned anything about coconut oil. Just one mention of using Caprylic Acid(coconut extract) which definitely sounds worth doing . Coconut oil is a natural anti-fungal that can be taken internally and topically. I've read to use it as a lubricant and now that is all I use. It works great as lube and should help keep any infections at bay for you and your partner. It has a good flavor too lol. Just a very light coconut taste.

        Here is a whole article on it pertaining to yeast infections

        It states also to only use non hydrogenated. I use all natural organic unrefined pure coconut oil and just warm it up in my hands to melt it since its solid at room temp. I've had infections bad enough that they caused thrush in my groin area and I use coconut oil topically to clear it up. Hope this helps someone!
  • I have tried so many things. Recently I am doing a cleanse called GX Assist from doTERRA and it is helping more than anything I have ever tried. I have had to change my diet and am also doing a liver cleanse from doTERRA called Zendocrine as well as taking their Long Life Vitality pack which is vitamins to make sure I am getting enough nutrients. I have also been inserting tampons with essential oils. I drink water with a few essential oils and it has been amazing. I was having a herxheimer reaction where my lips were swelling up, (which I found out from reading several blogs: some people have on a normal basis and just accept it, called chelitis angularis). I was getting nervous about the swelling cause my iips were getting really big. Then I remembered I had forgot to drink the water with essential oils and the swelling went down immediately. It was amazing! ... and made me realize how much the essential oils were working. My rashes are all disappearing, my head feels totally clear and I have lots of energy. It's nice cause there's no fasting involved ... just taking pills & drinking water with essential oils. doTERRA uses only the purest oils from herbs that are grown organically in a clean environment in the country of their origin. The website is:
  • Sometimes people have anti-fungal resistant yeast from multiple treatment. Cinnamon has been proven to kill off excess yeast and balance out levels.

    Make sure not to use cinnamon oil to apply, it may irritate or burn the skin. Try eating a pinch of cinnamon a day. No more than that (cinnamon can be toxic if you take too much and too often)

    As a side note, it also balances out cholesterol and blood sugar levels... It's pretty much like a super spice!

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