Really Red Zits

topic posted Wed, January 18, 2006 - 10:27 PM by  Bryan
Hey everyone. I think I'm probably one of the few guys who constantly reads these threads (who knows, maybe there are some in hiding) but I had a few questions I wanted to clarify.

My skin has (slowly) been clearing up over the past year, but when I do break out my pimples are really really red, so I had a few questions.

First, I heard that Visine eye drops help get rid of the red when you have really red pimples and blemishes. Is this true?

I also read on this tribe--several, several times--that coffee grounds mixed with egg whites is a perfect scrub and cleans up your skin really well. Is this also true?

If anyone else has some suggestions on how to get the red out, please let me know, and I'd appreciate it. Thanks. ;D
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    Thu, January 19, 2006 - 2:39 AM
    Hey Bryan,
    About the visine, I've never heard that but it might works. Would be way cool if it did!

    As for the scrubbing mask: my opinion, you probably don't want to scrub. If you have break-outs on your skin using a srub can irritate your skin and will make red breakouts even more red--I know this from experience, and no it was not good. :-( I have heard other people on tribe talk about washing the face with olive oil which would be very gentle on the face as well as eventually help keep pores soft and open to prevent future breakouts.

    Some thoughts on the breakouts themselves: when I get really red, irritated breakouts it's usually from an allergic reaction to something. Ive gotten them from things in the air (pollen, synthetic scents like in laundry detergent, air fresheners, etc.), as well as things I eat I'm allergic to (like roasted almonds etc.). Maybe you're allergic to something in your environment? If this seems like a possibility here's some things I've found that have really cut back on my big bad red spots: Try using a "free" laundry detergent (perfume and dye free) and no fabric softener and see if it makes a difference after about a month. Changing your pillow case every week could help too. And you could keep track of what you eat and see if your breakouts correspond (show up in a few days).

    These things helped a lot for me. I hope you find things that continue to work too. :-)
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    Re: Really Red Zits

    Thu, January 19, 2006 - 1:21 PM
    visine does suck the red out
    cortaid also gets some read out and takes care of swelling.

    does anyone know what the natural version of this would be?

    arnica gel comes to mind....i have never tried it...but would that work?

    egg white masks are really good. it feel like it tighens and shrinks everything. i imagine the caffine from the coffee would add to that.
    the egg mask i have done i just let the white of the egg dry on my face. then wash it off.

    it is a cheap experiemnt to try out if nothing else (the coffee/egg thing)

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    Thu, January 19, 2006 - 4:47 PM
    Hi Bryan,

    Are your breakouts very surface or deep and cystic? It makes a big difference in treatment. Also, are they red on their own, or only after picking/ scratching? Scrubbing over ruptured or abraded skin will only tear and inflame the skin more, as well as spread bacteria.

    What are you currently using on your skin?
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      Thu, January 19, 2006 - 5:59 PM
      I've never known th eye stuff to work. One thing i believe in is toothpaste, i have senitive skin so i only put it right on the zit but it dries it right up and is gone within a few days. for srubs, i use cetaphil and cheapo white sugar.
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      Thu, January 19, 2006 - 6:12 PM
      Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

      Also, they're red by themselves, and I'm not sure how to tell if its just surface or deep and cystic.

      Currently I'm using mostly a Benzyl Peroxide 10% wash (presrcibed by a dermatologist), or DDF Glycolic acid 10% wash (very rarely), or Neutrogena deep clean (also very rarely). The majority of the time I just use the Benzyl wash once per day and then throw on some face lotion and sun screen. I only wash once per day because I noticed I actually broke out more often and the breakouts were even redder when I washed twice a day.

      But I'll avoid the scrubs from now on. Seems like its a consensus that that's not the way to solve the problem.

      Any more suggestions? I really appreciate them. =)
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        Thu, January 19, 2006 - 8:05 PM
        Icing helps reduce inflammation. Wrap an ice cube in a napkin and hold it on the spot for a little while. Do this a few times a day if possible. The cortizone creme also helps with inflammation. Harsh scrubbing when one is present will just irritate it further. When one of those nasty buggers makes an appearance on me (which is rare, thank goodness), I'll wash with a more gentle Ben. Peroxide scrub (Proactive) as it's not irritating to me. Then use a little Neutrogena "On the Spot" creme (another gentle BP product). Then layer a little cortaid followed by neosporin ointment. YES, the ointment. Keeping a wound moist helps healing. I've heard that honey is good for that, but I won't be able to sleep thinking that my face might attract insects or something (I'm very squeamish about that).

        Good luck.
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        Fri, January 20, 2006 - 1:55 AM
        I have always noticed that the boys have a harder time with the big cystic type evil zits than the girls often times.

        I ended up having to go to a dermotologist., it got so bad when i was in my late twenties. Now I barely break out, but it takes antibiotics to keep it that way.
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          Re: Really Red Zits

          Fri, January 20, 2006 - 2:29 AM
 brother had this. he grew out of it around 21-22
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            Re: Really Red Zits

            Fri, January 20, 2006 - 3:39 PM
            I suggest that you wash your face twice a day. You need to gently clean away excess oil on the skin. I use a gentle scrub or even gentler cleanser (Cetaphil is very, very gentle) in the morning and sometimes a deeper-cleaning apricot scrub (like twice a week). Then I use a Neutrogena Oil-Free moisturizer (I like the "combination skin"). Next I use Neutrogena On-the-Spot acne medicine. At night, I wash again with the gentle cleanser. I may or may not moisturize, depending on the humidity, etc. Lately I have liked Nivea Moisturizing Toner for a very light, clean-feeling level of moisture. I use the On-the-Spot, then go to bed. Try to just leave the spots alone -- hands off! The oil and god-knows-what-else on your hands throughout the day will only make your skin unhappy. One more idea: I have heard good things about Proactive from a friend, but haven't tried it. Hope these suggestions help you.
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              Re: Really Red Zits

              Fri, January 20, 2006 - 3:43 PM
              By the way, I've done the Visine thing many times and vouch that it works pretty well. Ice works fairly weel also. I have also, on a realated note, used Visine to dissolve a potential stain on pale grey pants on the way to a holiday dinner! It worked like a dream. I prefer the Advanced Formula.
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                Sun, January 22, 2006 - 5:09 PM
                Cool! Good to know, I was really curious about that.

                Also another side note about visine: It gives people the runs REALLY bad if taken internally. I know someone who actually used to spike men's drinks with it at clubs (2 squirts) that wouldn't leave her alone. It was, in my opinion, pretty cruel, but I have to say it really did work.
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                  Sun, January 22, 2006 - 11:56 PM

                  Wouldn't a simple " no thanks not interested" or " bite me, go away wretched human" work?

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                    Re: Really Red Zits

                    Tue, January 24, 2006 - 12:36 AM
                    This was the method she employed with the people who would not take ANY KIND of repeated no for an answer, including rude ones.
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                      Tue, January 24, 2006 - 9:01 AM
                      Hi guys
                      You can tell the difference between surface skin issues and subcutanous cysts by the way the zit feels. does it feel deep? does it hurt your face? that's cystic. If it's just raised and inflamed, it could be more surface.
                      The big deep zits are caused by hormone imbalances, specifically excess testosterone. not eating sugar is a great way to get these yuckies to go away, since too much insulin (produced by your body when you eat sugar) mimics the molecular structure of hormones and causes breakouts.
                      murad makes a sulpher-based gel called On the Spot or something like that. Dab it on one of those suckers and it will be noticeably reduced the next day. Three days is all it takes to make the zit disappear.
                      In my own travails with acne, I have found that the first thing you need to do with those big uglies is DON'T TOUCH. Touching spreads bacteria and inflames the pore and makes everything much worse. Pretend it doesn't exist; cover it up with a medicated concealer; sit on your hands, whatever you have to do, just don't touch it.
                      Ice also works but only temporarily. it can help to use hot compresses to draw the sucker to a head, esp. if it's really deep. comfrey is also good for this: make a paste out of olive oil and comfrey powder.
                      also, upping your water intake by at least half will help keep your skin clear.
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                        Wed, January 25, 2006 - 12:21 AM
                        what oyster said. ;)... all of it: the H2O uppage, testosterone, not touching your face... all of it.

                        It also sounds like some of the products you're using are causing further inflammation- maybe your skin is more sensitive than you realize..?

                        Try extra-strength neem soap to wash with, it's stinky but it works wonders. Try lavender oil instead of tea-tree; less drying, still antibacterial.

                        An occassional mask of milk of magnesia (the pure kind- not the pink kind) left on for 10 minutes than washed off works really well at reducing inflammation- swelling and redness.

                        Sulpher is awesome, but may be too strong- watch how your skin reacts to it, if it dries out too much, it will actually produce *more* oil.

                        I 100% agree with the sugar thing, and I'll raise Oyster one: fermented foods and dairy. ;)

                        Good luck Bryan, give your skin time to heal, be gentle with it!
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    Mon, January 23, 2006 - 4:34 PM
    I've used toothpaste, directly on the zit. Not the gel, gel does nothing. also treating skin with witchhazel after washing with a gentle cleanser can help control oil. It will be next to peroxide and alcohol at the pharmacy.
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    Wed, January 25, 2006 - 11:55 PM
    Hey guys, I just wanted to update everyone. I took a few of your tips. I upped my water intake to about 40 fl oz per day, cut back on the dairy, stopped scrubbing, and started using very small amount of Visine on the reddest parts of my skin, and after only 4 days I can already see a HUGE improvement. My face is way more even than it used to be. Thanks so much everyone! I'm gonna keep on using all of your tips (when I have time to go out and get the stuff, college takes up so much time!) and I'll keep you all updated.

    Until then, I just wanted to give you all a nice big...

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      Thu, January 26, 2006 - 12:28 AM
      Awesome!! YAY Bryan!
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        Fri, January 27, 2006 - 1:50 AM
        I second the "Yay!" and add a Very Cool!
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          Fri, January 27, 2006 - 1:19 PM
          Glad to hear it Bryan. :)

          Oh and I also second the Bachs Rescue Remedy... though I'm not a fan of using asprin all the time... it's acidic and your skin seems to be sensitive to such things.

          Toothpaste works because it has mint in it, and the paste "dries" on the surface keeping it in place overnight- the essential oils mentioned (though tea tree may be intense for you) would work just as well.
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      Thu, January 26, 2006 - 12:35 AM
      i have a few even though its a little late in the convo-

      making a paste out of apple cider vinegar and a crushed up asprin works for me to reduse swelling and redness if its a deep one.

      If I can't help myself and pop or pick (which happens quite often) I mix neosporin and Bach's "Rescue Remedy" (i swear by the stuff) to help heal the damage.

      Grapefruit, tea tree, lavender, and tea tree oils are good for maintenace of oily skin.

      If you see it coming and its not too deep Maria Badesco's (spelling?) drying lotion dries those suckers up a lot of times before they even come out.

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      Thu, January 26, 2006 - 6:21 AM
      I'm glad this stuff worked!

      One thing about toothpaste, the cheaper and pastier the better. Like the kind from a 99 cents store works really well. Anything too fancy really won't do the trick... But plain old white paste works phenomenally well.
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        Re: Really Red Zits

        Sat, January 28, 2006 - 3:27 AM
        i wonder what neem toothpaste would do?

        do they make tea tree toothpaste?
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          Sun, January 29, 2006 - 2:37 AM
          Yes! I use an awesome Tea Tree toothpaste (so it definately fits the paste-y criteria :-)), by Desert Essence called Natural Tea Tree Oil Toothpaste. It comes in 4 different flavors (I think they're all "flavored" with eo's), and I think one of them even has neem. I know it's carried at all Whole Food stores for sure, not sure of any other national chains that would definately have it though, just local places I've lived around.
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            Sun, January 29, 2006 - 2:39 AM
            btw, it works great as a toothpaste too. I use the mint stuff and have never had a fresher mouth. Ahhhhhh. :-)
            (I sound like a friggin commercial)

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